New STIIIZY + Friendly Farms Drops Inbound!

New STIIIZY + Friendly Farms Drops Inbound!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to check in real quick and tell you about a few of our latest new drops now available for delivery all over the Santa Barbara County.


More STIIIZY flavors are on deck. We’ve definitely got the largest selection of STIIIZY products on the Central Coast.

This week we’re dropping new Premium Pods! Strawberry Cough, Strawnana, Blue Burst, and Purple Punch.  

We’re also dropping a few new LIIIT strains. If you haven’t already tried STIIIZY’s fire flower brand, you’re missing out.

And this is the perfect opportunity…

New for this week we have Stiiizy Cake and Pink Açaí — two tasty hybrids that pack a serious punch (and look the part).

Definitely recommend grabbing an eighth or two while we have ‘em available. The STIIIZY flower doesn’t usually stick around too long.

Friendly Farms

Since everyone loved the first drop so much, we reached back out to Friendly Farms and brought a bunch of new products to the menu.

Hyped that we were able to get some of this super limited Friendly Farms x Connected Mr. Sandman collab. It’s one of their new cured resin sauces and it’s absolutely delicious. Terps are on that mixed berry/sweet smoothie spectrum but it packs the punch of an OG.

In the way of live resin carts, we now have FF x Sherbzilla Oreo Cream and FF x Sherbzilla Original Sunset Sherbert.

Both are very tasty and come highly recommended by all of our staff.

Have a great week everyone! Send us an email if there’s something else you’d like to see make it to our menu.