“Indacut aims to bring knowledge to the therapeutic benefits cannabis offers consumers. We want to break the stigma surrounding cannabis and give our clients a natural and effective remedy. With exclusive selections, friendly staff, and quality, lab-tested products, clients will receive nothing less than a rewarding experience. Indacut is your premier cannabis delivery service. ”
Drayten Howell
At 20 years old, Drayten began thinking about entering the cannabis industry in 2018 during his summer classes at SBCC.y 4

While Drayten was attending Holy Names University as a full-time student athlete, he started doing all of the backend work for indacut. He began drafting business plans, and working with his accounting tutor on pro formas.

In November of 2018, Drayten found his cannabis zoned facility from his dorm room. A few weeks later, indacut began its .
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